Sunday, September 02, 2007

What Happens When You Are Creating RAK

My son and a dumped bottle of paint!

I have seen photos like this and shaken my head. Where was their parent? Here I am now, head hanging in shame, as I now officially have my own photo to share. I was online, my husband was reading a paper, my son was being creative (and honestly had seen me painting my kitchen). The good news is (tip for the moms reading this): it wipes up no problem with baby wipes and, yes, that includes the toddler. We also now have a beautifully clean floor and a handprint painting plus this photo to remind us!

RAK Alert: Christmas in September!

I do love to design but have usually tailored what I do around the specific photograph or layout I am working around. So, this is a first for me, a freebie for the masses! Christmas is coming "soon enough" so here is a Mistletoe tag to use now or save for then. It is in PNG format for your enjoyment here:

Free Mistletoe Tag

(and now that I've typed that I realize that "toe" and "tag" are really close together--I hope that isn't too morbid!)