Sunday, September 30, 2007

Decidedly Deviant

Here is a taste of what I have for seeing and grabbing at my new DeviantArt place. New items will be added often, larger versions for sale as prints, canvasses and other pieces, because, hmm, this mommy bird has beaks to fill!

Hedgehog In Your Face

The Everyday Sublime

No matter where I take my camera, I look to find rectangles of reality that are something beyond ordinary, something that I could "enhance in Photoshop later" or, better yet, have be "as is" and still look fabulous; I suppose that's the film photographer still in me. Some situations are easier than others to accomplish this at, though: anything with children helps and, in this case, beautiful directional light at a casual birthday party made what I was after all but impossible to miss!

ISO 800, F3.3, 1/30

ISO 800, F3.3, 1/80

ISO 400, F2.8, 1/40

ISO 400, F2.8, 1/30